Of Sisu and Southernisms

Feels like fifty warm old men entering your mouth.

okay, so you guys like to rag on people from the US being bad with geography but like

this was on an actual BBC documentary, so 


santa finland: up on a housetop, click click click  [peter gets christmas presents]

sniper finland: up on a housetop, click click click  [5 dead, 2 wounded]



Finland’s movie in “Hetalia of the Dead” is based on a real Finnish movie called Rare Exports in which Santa is a child-eating demon. I haven’t watched it myself because I’m not big on the whole horror movie thing, but it’s on Netflix and I’ve heard that it’s actually pretty good.

It’s not so much a horror movie, really - no major jumpscares, hardly any footage of the monsters until the very end, not even a major buildup of suspense.  If anything, I’d say action-thriller with some awesome one-liners.  

So don’t let the fear factor stop you!


I don’t expect anyone to think about me as often as I think about them, but it would be nice someday I think.


you seemed sad so i made you a lebkuchen